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Photography > Plisskën Festival 2012!

Yesterday, I had a great time @ Plisskën Festival 2012! Twelve hours of live music & DJ sets (heading from stage to stage), among friends. Unfortunately, I was tired enough and left before Alan Braxe, Bong-Ra, Kid606 & Joker's performances.

It came as a surprise that my highlights of the festival were from the club stage: College, Drums of Death & Son of Kick, blew my mind!

Stay tuned for Plisskën Festival 2013 (yep, I know some details, but can't tell) :)

The amazing Team Ghost.
Rita Maia on decks.
 Male Bonding on stage.
Montana Cruz on club stage.

Michael Rother, the legend!!!

Male Bonding sunbathing after their set.

Forest Swords' amazing set.

We were promised jetpacks.

Junior Boys DJ set.

King Khan & the Shrines on main stage.


The Notwist (finally, live in Greece).

Villa on decks.

Dead Skeletons!!!

Drums of Death was superb!

Triggerfinger's super powers.

Liquid (straight from the 90s).


 Son of Kick was playing the villain!!!

Andrew Weatherall, the master!

Bong-Ra waiting for his turn in the decks...

Thanks a lot Plisskën Festival 2012's team for displaying my work (all the posters that I've done for Plisskënlab's gigs, including Plisskën Festival 2010 & 2012) in various locations. I love you guys!

My posters on the lounge.

My posters on the main stage.


News > Plisskën Festival 2012 is here!!!

At last! Today, is the day. Plisskën Festival 2012 is here!

- Latest info about the festival, here (greek text on mixtape.gr).
- The special radio show that I did with the line-up (last Monday on poplie.eu), it can be downloaded it from here.
- Here is also a review on the Plisskën Academy (held last Tuesday on EDW) in which I took part with a lecture.
- All the work that I did for this year's Plisskën you can check it out here.

Now, it's time to celebrate... Have a marvelous festival!!!

Make mine Plisskënlab! ;)

P.S.1. For more info, check out the tumblr of the festival, here!
P.S.2. #plissken2012 (the hash tag on twitter) :)
P.S.3. The above photo was taken by Marita Gerarchaki, from yesterday's preparations...


News > Lecture for Plissken Festival 2012!

Today 08.05.2012, at noon, I'll give a lecture about my work as a graphic designer for Plissken Festival 2012 (starts this Saturday 12.05.2012. Don't miss!) and Plisskenlab in general.

The lecture is part of the workshop called "the lab" and will be held at EDW, for a private audience of 20 people (sorry, it's already booked). More info, here!

I'm pretty psyched about it, because I love working for the music industry...
I guess that I'll have a blast!


Inspiration > My Wet Calvin's Happened Before presentation & box set!

Yesterday, the presentation of the new album "Happened Before" by My Wet Calvin was held at bios, Athens.

Two guests (Stella & Jef) on stage and some amazing tunes (as always).

Highlights of the evening: "Choirs" (the opening track from the new album) & "Super Jefrio Galaxy" (an ode to brotherhood, with the spectacular performance by Jef Maarawi, aka Egghell -I shit my pants for a while there-).

I'm glad that I left my office for a couple of hours... I love this group!

I have already pre-ordered the cd of the new album, but I couldn't wait any longer, so I got the vinyl box-set, too! Great packaging there (kudos to the record label Inner Ear for the production). The box-set also comes with the digital release of the "Happened before" (yep, I'm listening to it, right now).

You can order the new album from here (only 300 copies for the vinyl box-set, I've got the #39, so there aren't much left already).


Illustration > "The Shutdown" video game!

My friend Helen Roinioti and me, we are working on a 2D point & click video game that it's called The Shutdown.

The Shutdown is still in a very-early stage of pre-production (we pitch it in the Game Idea competition by HGDA some days ago) but we are really enthusiastic about it.

We made a tumblr site for it, in order to keep it updated as the process goes on...

Feel free to send us your feedback (you can also download the PDF presentation of The Shutdown from there).


Process > Behind the scenes on FLIX's 1st year anniversary!

I was asked by FLIX, to create something for their 1st year anniversary, so I came up with the idea of making a homage poster for the site, based on Mike Mills' "Beginners" movie poster (I'm a huge fan! FLIX is too!).

You can see the final piece on the post by flix.gr (among 4 other designers) or on my official website.

I knew right form the start that I had to start with the handmade typography on this one. I spent a lot on time on this, working on many A4 papers with brush calligraphy treatments.

After hours, I chose with of the samples were good for the project.

I went with the one in the left-bottom corner.

Afterwards, it was time to work on the illustrations with the Pen Tool on illustrator CS5. Below you can see some details of the final piece.

The shadow on the background was edited on Photoshop CS5.

Thanks for reading this!