Damien Hirst collaborates with Kate Moss for the cover of "TAR" magazine #02!

Click on the image enlarge it a bit. Great collaboration between the 2 "bad kids" of Britain. TAR magazine has great design (inside-out) and many great articles and interviews (just to name a few: Spike Jonze, Philippe Starck, Tilda Swinton with Steve McQueen, Wolfgang Tillmans etc). I bought it from a greek news stand while I was at Chania, Crete for holidays.


pan pan said...

skata ston tafo toy damien hirst. se ena dikaio kosmo einai propatzis sta katw patisia

One Man Show said...

oxi re... agapooooooo :D

pan pan said...

tipota kako me to propo 8D

pantws sovara o anthrwpos den prospathei kan, einai proklitika tipotas.