Exhibition > Photos from "10 images for Ithaca" + Look inside the catalogue!

Although it was raining, I had a lot of fun yesterday, at the opening party for "10 images for Ithaca" exhibition. In the picture above is my participation in the exhibition and in the pictures below you may see the participation of my friend Dimitris Kanellopoulos (you should definitely visit his new site b-positive.gr -site is now under construction, but you can get a look at his brilliant works-) and some photos from the "10 images for Ithaca" 2009 catalogue, designed by the design shop (which are also the organisers of the whole thing) :D



sinavil said...

Άντε, και του χρόνο με βραβείο!

One Man Show said...

Thanx Dionisi, kai finalist mia xara einai!

Pada tetoia efxomai... kali sinexeia!