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One my best friends, Dimitris Kanellopoulos (his brand-new site is up on the net: www.b-positive.gr), had his name-day yesterday. Since he requested not to buy for him any presents, I thought that it will be nice to make a portrait of him (the one I did for him a couple of month ago, @ velvet festival was kind of crappy), using traditional materials such as pencils (the illustration above, is the final one, scanned).
For photo-reference I found a photo of him that I took in 2008 while we were on a trip to Tokyo, Japan. I think it's a classic b-positive photo (and I especially like the look that has in it).

It's been ages seen I work with traditional materials on an illustration. I did the portrait with a 5H Faber-Castell pencil. I wanted to do the color with watercolors but I couldn't find my watercolors-set, so I proceed to do the color with colored-pencils.

In order to give a contemporary look to the portrait, each line that was done with the 5H pencil, was drawn again with a colored-pencil (for example, the lines of the skin were re-drawn with a red-pencil, the lines of the coat were re-drawn with a green-pencil e.t.c.).

And this a picture that shows how the final present to Dimitris looks like (the frame is from IKEA :D)! Glad that you like it Mitso! :D


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