Sketchbook > 93 really old sketches of mine!

Blame the end of the decade, but yesterday while I was cleaning my office I found a carton full of old sketches of mine. Some were nice, some were really awful. I took some photos of the nice ones. Many sketches were thrown in the recycle garbage bin.

I realized that while I was in the Greek army (years: 1998-2000) was the most creative one. Most of the sketches that you see below, are from this period. 

Have a great new decade!


P.S. Click on the images in order to see them bigger... :D


ilias kyriazis said...
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GeMis said...

καταπληκτικα ολα τους!!!!!

ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ Σ. said...

~''Πόσο σημαντικό είναι να χαρτογραφείς την πορεία σου σε μια λευκή επιφάνεια" Graig Thompson

~Kαλή χρονιά και καλή δεκαετία.

One Man Show said...

Kali xronia Gemi + Xristo! :D