Misc. Design > Kanella's 2010 handmade gift!

Some days ago, I was one of the lucky ones who received the handmade gift for 2010 that Kanella produced and art-directed. Here are many photos of the gift (we were told not to post anything and anywhere, until the last person of Kanella's list will receive the gift, so all those days I was waiting patiently until I get the "ok, go!" from her) >>>

This is the box of the gift. It's a shame that I had to cut with a knife the yellow ribbon of the packaging. You can see how the packaging was tied before the cutting, here.

Detail of the "K" trademark of Kanella.

When you open the packaging of the gift, a story (and also the concept of the gift) is revealed.

When you open the box, you find the 1st (out of 4) cards that Kanella made for the concept. Each card of the gift was handmade, with yellow ribbon and with different patterns on the surface of the cardboard. The ribbon was stitched to every cardboard in order to form a word. The first word as you can see above was the word "Design".

A detail from the "Design" card...

And another one...

And another one (just to see how the pressed pattern on the cardboard looks like).

The second one, had the word "Key" stitched (and a different pattern on the card).

Here's a detail of the "Key" card...

And here's a detail of the reverse side of the card... Makes you wanna scream "wow"!

The 3rd was the word "Path". ("Design", "Key" and "Path" so far...).

A detail from the "Path" card.

The last one, had the word "Sun" stitched.

A detail from the "Sun" card...

And another one.

The 4 cards all together: "Design", "Key", "Path" and "Sun"... What all those words do here??? Is there any connection in them???

When we get all 4 cards out of the box, a mystery is revealed:

"Design" is the "Key" to the "Path" towards the "Sun"!!!

Have a great year and decade Kanella! I think that you have already reached your destination... :D