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(Rainy) Sunday visit @ Design Walk 2010 (here you can find links + more info about the design studios that participated @ design walk 2010), with a lot of friends: Panagiota, Penny, Kanella, Olympia, Katerina, Dimitris & Harris. Had a lovely time!
Below you can see some photos (click on images for 600x800pix quality) from the design studios that I visited >>>

"g" >>> Beauty -vs- Ugliness >>>

"sereal designers" >>> Interesting -vs- Boring >>>

"geometry" >>> Noise -vs- Silence >>>

"p6" >>> Symbolic -vs- Literal

"3 in a box" >>> Thin -vs- Bold >>>

"Indyvisuals" >>>  Digital -vs- Analogue >>>

"designpark" >>> Negative -vs- Positive >>>

"mums design" >>> Words -vs- Image >>>

"the design shop" >>> Anarchy -vs- Order >>>

"I am design, e.t.c." >>> Original -vs- Copy >>>

I visited also the "switch" studio, but I didn't get any photos there.
During design walk 2010 we did a coffee + lunch break, too. Can't wait for the next one, in 2011!

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