Radio Producer > Tonight, Monika's special show @ poplie.eu!

Tonight at my radio show (at poplie.eu), I'm doing a special 2-hours program dedicated to young, Greek singer/songwriter Monika (her second album "exit" is going to be released this Monday 10/05/2010). You will hear songs from her debut album "avatar", many demos, participations in Greek groups, some rarities & b-sides, and of course some trivia about the artist. 

So tune-in at 20:00 (local time) and enjoy the show!

ps. the artwork for the e-flyer (above) was done by me. It's a rejected illustration from the "avatar" album... I made some design changes and used it as an e-flyer. Recycling is good!!!

ps2. you can download (FOR FREE) the amazing "BP Diet" font from the Back Packer site (go to "typefaces" section and scroll down a bit. tip: you should check and all the other fonts that back packer designed for you)!

ps3. click on the above image, in order to see it bigger :D

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