Graphic Design > My work @ Taschen's book "Stationery Design Now!"

My friend Kanella, returned from her trip to London and told me today that she saw my works inside the new Taschen's book "Stationery Design Now!". Great news! It's the 2nd time that my works get published by Taschen (see "Illustration Now! vol.2").

It's great that one of my works that you can find inside the book, is also featured in Taschen's site, in the preview-pages of the book (see picture below, is the last spread).

My works that included in the book are the stationery designs for my personal studio ("one man show studio" stationery design) and for my sister's company ("passion for fashion" stationery design), so I guess it's kind of sentimental.

You can buy the book from Amazon.co.uk or (for the time being) pre-order it from Amazon.com :D

PS. Thanks Julius Wiedemann! You are the man! :)

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