Misc Design > "Dreambook" by Chris Trivizas (via Paper Kingdom)!

Some days ago, I got a present from my friend Chris Trivizas (a great Greek graphic designer). The present was his recent personal project called "Dreambook" (link to official page). I was blown away by the concept + the simplicity of the design! "Dreambook" is what its name suggests: a notebook for your dreams. You can write down your dreams OR -if you can't express it with words- draw them!

"Dreambook" is probably the best present that you can get for your loved ones these Christmas (online shops + places where you can buy it, on the official page of the book, posted above).

Below, you can see some more photos that I took (on my bed) of the Dreambook >>>

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TOMEK said...

Πράγματι, πολύ ωραίο!
Τρέχω να το πάρω, είναι ακριβώς αυτό που χρειαζόμουν.
Καλά που το ανέβασες παιδί.