Photography > Photo diary, 04.12.2010 > Plissken Festival 2010!

As you probably already know, I did the branding for the Plissken Festival 2010, that was held last Saturday in Athens, Greece. Below you can see some photos that I took while I was there (from start to midnight, 11 hours).

The Longcut >>>

Intermission >>>

Rykarda Parasol >>>

The Lytics (1st live, noon) >>>

Intermission, hanging at the garden >>>

FM Belfast >>>

Robots in disguise >>>

Intermission, hanging at the garden >>> 

Handsome Furs >>>

Chew Lips >>>

These New Puritans >>>

The end (for me)... Hope that you had a great time. See you at Plissken Festival 2011!!!

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