Comics > "Neurotica" comic for My Wet Calvin, UPDATE!!!

Finally, an update! I'm working many hours a day in order to have ready, on Saturday, the panels of the comic "neurotica" for the gig of My Wet Calvin (link is updated with colored PROMO).

So far (40 out of 108), I'm glad how the panels are turning out. It's the first time that I'm giving original panels to the public, so I'm scanning everything in 1200dpi, for my archive.

There will be also another update on the comic (maybe on Friday night).

Last but not least, here you can find the official press-release of My Wet Calvin's gig/single (in Greek).

Gotta go & work...

PS. Click on the images to see LARGE files :)

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Denis Ferlič said...

wonderful work, very erotic and creative ...