{Blogovision Intermission} Press > Status magazine, Comics Alliance & Lifo!

I was selected among the 40 most creative people in Greece, for the latest issue (December 2011) of Status magazine, for my works as comic artist/illustrator/graphic designer and for my choices as a publisher.

It's nice being among friends (such as Pan Pan) and people that I truly admire their work (such as: Designers United, Beetroot, HOPE, Stelios Faitakis, Kostas Voyatzis, Greece is for Lovers e.t.c.).


Also, my Spider Jerusalem's tattoos piece, was selected from Comics Alliance (a massive comics related website) for their previous week "Best Art Ever" section.


Last but not least, my sketchbook for the upcoming exhibition in Tel Aviv, got some exposure in Lifo's site culture section. Great times!


Mel said...

Well, the Spider Jerusalem's tattoos piece amazed me too, and I actually mentioned it to friends in the UK after I saw it at the showing of Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts at bios. Congrats!

One Man Show said...

thanks for the feedback Mel! :)