Inspiration > My Wet Calvin's Happened Before presentation & box set!

Yesterday, the presentation of the new album "Happened Before" by My Wet Calvin was held at bios, Athens.

Two guests (Stella & Jef) on stage and some amazing tunes (as always).

Highlights of the evening: "Choirs" (the opening track from the new album) & "Super Jefrio Galaxy" (an ode to brotherhood, with the spectacular performance by Jef Maarawi, aka Egghell -I shit my pants for a while there-).

I'm glad that I left my office for a couple of hours... I love this group!

I have already pre-ordered the cd of the new album, but I couldn't wait any longer, so I got the vinyl box-set, too! Great packaging there (kudos to the record label Inner Ear for the production). The box-set also comes with the digital release of the "Happened before" (yep, I'm listening to it, right now).

You can order the new album from here (only 300 copies for the vinyl box-set, I've got the #39, so there aren't much left already).

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