Process > Behind the scenes on FLIX's 1st year anniversary!

I was asked by FLIX, to create something for their 1st year anniversary, so I came up with the idea of making a homage poster for the site, based on Mike Mills' "Beginners" movie poster (I'm a huge fan! FLIX is too!).

You can see the final piece on the post by flix.gr (among 4 other designers) or on my official website.

I knew right form the start that I had to start with the handmade typography on this one. I spent a lot on time on this, working on many A4 papers with brush calligraphy treatments.

After hours, I chose with of the samples were good for the project.

I went with the one in the left-bottom corner.

Afterwards, it was time to work on the illustrations with the Pen Tool on illustrator CS5. Below you can see some details of the final piece.

The shadow on the background was edited on Photoshop CS5.

Thanks for reading this!

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