Illustration, Decoration > Baby's room, FINAL UPDATE 27.02.2011!

The illustration for Thodoris Manolopoulos' baby-girl room is finally done! Above you can see the happy family having a laugh for my camera, in front of the illustration! Thanks a lot for the hospitality Ageliki & Thodoris! It's been a crazy-tired experience but I really enjoyed it!!! Love and kisses to all of you (especially the baby)!

Here's the final illustration which is 2,5m height & 3,5m long (a bed -with huge pillows- will fill the green-space in the corner)!!! >>>

 And some colors that I used. Except from the 2 shades of green, all the other colors were made from yellow, red, blue & white (not black, at all!!!) >

Also 1000 thanks to Thodoris, for helping me with filling this huge-area of light-green! I wouldn't make it without you, dude! Love! >


theosdesign said...

We "the family" want to thank you a lot for this excellent work you've done for us and specially for our baby girl!

One Man Show said...

kisses to all "the family"!!! <3

Anonymous said...

nice one tasse, stelios

One Man Show said...

Stelios o gnostos??? (lol)

kai sta dika sas! :P

thanx gia feedback!