Comic, Illustration > Cover & index of "Populart 3" is revealed!

This is the cover of "Populart" #3, the 2nd brand new comic of mine (the 3rd issue of my personal comic title) that will be debuted at Comicdom Con Athens 2011, next weekend.

Populart 3, is 48 pages, is in greek and it is divided in 2 parts: the first part is 32 pages and includes 9 comics of mine (from 2003 until 2009) and the second part is 16 pages and includes some of my illustration works (see image below for details). Each section is printed in a different kind of paper.

Populart 3 costs 8,5 euros, but at Comicdom Con Athens 2011 (all 3 days) you can buy it in the special price of 6 euros (and for less, when we will have "happy hour" in our giganto-booth).

Below you can see the cover-inside spread and also the back-cover of the book (the color that you see on the images will be a 805 fluo Pantone in the printing process).

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