Illustrator, Comic Artist > One Man Show studio's PRINTS @ Comicdom Con Athens 2011!

The last couple of days, I'm working on the brand new comics/artbooks of my publishing company "giganto books". The 2 of the 4 of them are mine and all will be presented this Friday (and ALL weekend) on Comicdom Con Athens 2011, the best comics-related festival/convention here in Greece.

Since it's been a while since I made some prints of my works, I decided to do so, this year @ Comicdom, with 3 favorite illustrations of mine.

The prints are A3 (international paper) size, are limited to 15 signed & numbered copies and are printed in 300gsm glossy paper. The price for each is 15 euros and I hope that they will be sold out really soon.

As for my brand new comics, they are now in the offset-printing process and below you can see some photos from there.

Populart #3 (link directs to populart 3 official page @ giganto site, the text is in greek) >>>

Neurotica (link directs to populart 3 official page @ giganto site, the text is in greek), this is my collaboration with the group My Wet Calvin >>>

I'll be on Comicdom Con Athens 2011, all of the 3 days, at giganto books' booth, so feel free to pass by, say "hi" and introduce yourself. It would be a great pleasure.

That's all for now. I feel extremely tired. I'm gonna get some rest now. The following days will be full of (happy) exhaustion. :P

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