Comics > "Neurotica" comic for My Wet Calvin's upcoming gig!

Right now I'm working on a (100+ panels) comic for the upcoming gig of My Wet Calvin (one of my favorite bands). The gig is on Saturday 12/03 and will take place at the strip-club "Erotica Live Show" (Agios Padeleimonas). It will be a marvelous night, don't you think?

The comic is called "neurotica" and will be part of the release of the new single by the band, called "Humble". The night of the gig, 100+ digital pieces of the single will be given for FREE, with 1 handmade panel of the comic. That's a collector's item!

The whole comic will be a digital release at the band's site and also will be published by my company giganto books, as a limited-edition comic book, released in the upcoming Comicdom Con Athens 2011.

These are some good news!!!

EDIT > 07.03.2011 >>> Here's the colored promo >>>