New workspace!

For the last couple of weeks, I'm re-arranging my space. I moved all of my office stuff into a bigger room, which was the giganto books' warehouse for the last 3 years. The new office is much-much bigger and definitely brighter. It's kind of noisy too (it's near a big road) but I don't mind that. I bought some second-hand furniture (the desk & the bookshelf -actually the bookshelf was a present from Dionyssis) from the garage-sale of the design shop, so a moving into a bigger room had to be done asap. 

Still it's kind of messy. It takes a lot of time organizing all this stuff that I have. I'll manage somehow...

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Clayton Steadham said...

With all those stuff that you have, you really need to be in a bigger room! It will take time and you need to have lots of patience to be able to get all your stuff organized. How’s your workspace now?

-Clayton Steadham